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Life throws curveballs. When someone you love is feeling under the weather, exhausted, stressed or a little NQR, send a box of spirit-lifting TLC their way.

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  • The Details

  • The set includes:

    Stellar Silk Sleep Mask: A silky eye mask, which shields the eye area from friction and light, for sweet, uninterrupted dreams. 22 Momme Mulberry Silk.

    Mayde Tea 'Serenity' Blend: A floral blend of calming herbs, Serenity is both nourishing and warming. 40 serves of loose leaf tea.

    Courtney + The Babes 'Dream' Essential Oil Roller or Diffuser Blend: An on-the-go essential oil treatment to calm and soothe emotional imbalance while promoting sweet thoughts and a calming atmosphere. Simply roll directly onto the desired area and massage in. The diffuser blend comes in a matte white bottle with an internal dropper.

    Loco Love Butter Caramel Pecan Vegan Chocolate: Chewy buttery vegan caramel sits on top of an activated organic pecan base; then enrobed in bittersweet cacao for the perfect flavour balance. The perfect accompaniment to a candle-lit bath. 

  • Ingredients
  • Stellar Silk Sleep Mask: 22 Momme Mulberry Silk

    Mayde Tea 'Serenity' Blend: Chamomile, rose, lavender, passionflower.

    Courtney + The Babes 

    Perfume Essential Oil Roller in Dream: Fractionated coconut oil, amber parfum oil, patchouli and bergamot essential oils. 

    Diffuser Blend in Dream: Amber, Patchouli, Bergamot essential oils.

    Loco Love Butter Caramel Pecan Vegan Chocolate: cacao paste, cacao butter, coconut blossom sugar, activated pecans, brown rice syrup, coconut milk, he shou wu, eucommia bark, cultivated cordyceps sinesis CS-4 strain (vegan), morinda, prepared, rehmannia root, dendrobium stem powdered extracts (10:1), caramel essence

    *celtic salt

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  • Free Standard shipping for order over $50. Need it in a hurry? Express Shipping $14.95. Really last minute? Same Day Delivery is available in Melbourne Metro and calculated at the checkout based on the delivery postcode.