Winter has thoroughly arrived in Melbourne, so it's time to up your skincare game! Whether it's from the lack of moisture in the air, sleeping with the heater on or simply forgetting to drink enough water, it is important to boost hydration and prevent your skin from getting dry and chapped during the colder months. 

According to experts, unfortunately our delicate skin barriers just aren't equipped to deal with the rather extreme weather conditions during winter so one of the best hacks for keeping your skin glowing is by layering moisturising products.

Although your routinr should differ depending on your skin type, we have a few key products at Stellar that are easy to incorporate into your skin routine to strengthen, repair and nourish your skin: 


Add a Mist

Start your daytime routine with a light, hydrating mist to moisturise the skin barrier and improve elasticity. Beyond the Surface will do exactly that, and give you a brighter complexion whilst slowly evening out skin tone. The Regeneration Mist is great for sensitive skin types, as it calms and replenishes reactive and damaged skin. The Rose Otto Face mist enhances skin's natural moisture content but also contains natural conditioning agents that calm and balance your complexion.




Add a Serum

To your day and nighttime routine it's important to add a serum that suits your skin type. The Ritual Serum by Lesse is great for soothing sensitive and Acne prone skin. The Hydra Boost serum is excellent for all skin types and will keep your skin hydrated and plump.




Add a Mask

Mask up! Not only a these face masks gentle and relaxing they are excellent for most skin types. Our best selling Unnamed sheet mask now comes in a set! Pop on this hydrating and anti-aging mask for 15-20 minutes, remove, then use the Gua Sha with upward stroked to massage the remaining product into your skin. The Stellar team swear by the Unnamed and trust us, you will glow. Finally the Clay Mask Set is gentle and detoxifying for brighter and clearer skin.




Add an Essential

Even though it's cold the UV will still get you! Don't forget to slop on some sunscreen after your skin routine and before makeup. The Kind Sunscreen is an all-natural zinc formula that creates a moisture-locking barrier to reflect rays. The Tigers Eye Gua Sha will not only look incredibly chic in your bathroom but sculpts and lifts the face. Using the Gua Sha daily with your serums increases the absorption of skincare products leaving your skin bright and supple. Finally add an eye mask to your routine to reduce fine lines and dark circles. The James Cosmetics masks have a truly loyal following because they honestly transform your appearance within 30 minutes.





So there you have it, our winter skincare saviours to strengthen, repair and nourish your skin.. Be sure to read the descriptions of each product to make sure they suit your or your giftee's skin type, and bundle these products together with our wellness items to create a lovely gift for a friend, colleague or family member.


June 02, 2022 — Isobel Gration