Tips for creating a gift for the newest addition from the Stellar founder

New-mum-life is kind of a big deal, especially those early few months. You’re navigating new territory, likely getting zero sleep, easing back into routine (non existent but we try), and adjusting to a new role as a mum whether it be your first, second, third etc.

I believe the art of gift-giving to a new mum should be equal parts essential as it should be lush and chic. As a new mum, you welcome anything essential and practical that’ll help prepare for the journey into Motherhood (it’s still a journey even if it isn’t your first rodeo), but I also found those gentle reminders to stop and have a moment were equally as important. Enter the softest slippers my feet ever did slip into, or a chic comb which I would welcome on days when a shower was just not an option.

I find our Create-A-Gift feature the best option when creating a gift for a new mum - you can tailor it entirely to her. Here’s the breakdown when I create a mum/baby gift and some recommendations from moi.

Select one or two items for mum, one or two essentials for baby, and one item for later - my go to is the Rommer Silicone Bib. Then one item for play whether it be a teether, soft toy or book. Miffy all the way - timeless but cosy. I then pick one item for sleep. If budget allows, the super soft blanket from Grown is my newest and fave baby gift. Partners also deserve a mention, I always pop a Manhattan or Negroni in for good measure.


Something For Mum

Something Essential

Something For Mealtime

Something Playful


Something For Sleep

May 26, 2022 — Isobel Gration