We've been busy here at Stellar, shooting and curating new boxes to add to our ever growing collection of future classics. The orders have been rolling in and safe to say we have some clear front runners for the month of July and August. So for those who struggle with the paradox of choice and need to some help picking a gift for that family member or friend read on and follow the links for our best sellers overall and our top picks for each price category.

Top 3

As it continues to cool down here in Melbourne and pour down for our loyal gifters up north it's safe to assume we've got giftees safely tucked away at home at the moment. Our top 3 sellers for the last month are from the relaxation and wellness categories. Bath soaks, loco love chocolate, sheet masks and tea are the products to look at if you're curating your own custom gift set.

Top 3 Under $300

Mum and baby gift sets are the top sellers for the $200-$300 price category. Often from groups of 2-4 people for the new parents. Then of course we've got our old faithful Beauty and Leisure set which is always our top selling gift set for this price category as it is one of our most luxurious gift boxes. If you're thinking about curating your own baby set include something to wear, snuggle, for feeding and play and if you want a well balanced gift set for female or beauty ritual enthusiast include a treat or 2, beauty tool, hair clip, and skincare.

Top 3 Under $200

A bit of a mix for this price category, wellness, home decor and relaxation in our top 3. Again, our relaxation gift the more luxury version of the mini soak from the new collection is popping off. Our old faithful - Everything But The Flowers has been a popular set over the last year depending on how much time people are spending at home. In the spirit of productivity and wellness the dreamer is a great new addition to our sets with a bit of leopard print colour story. 

Top 3 Under $100

More of a token-gift price category, our sets under $100 often include a mix of organisation and wellness, generally products that are under $30. Having said that out top sellers are often those that include a notebook and pen, tea, chocolate and/or sheet mask. Our new mini Maison Balzac candles at $29.95 are a great option to include when creating your own gift set for under $100. 

July 26, 2022 — Isobel Gration