The time has come gifters and giftees...

Welcome to the 2022 Holiday gift guide! Get some inspiration or pass it on to your friends or family who need a helping hand. 

If it's corporate gifting you require, curate the perfect set for your team with any of the product below and head to our corporate gift page to request the corporate catalogue.

From candles and candle holders, to towels, books and vases; we have an array of Australian and international home decor from globally recognised brands and small boutique businesses.

Let the Stellar team do the work for you and create a well balanced gender neutral gift for the design enthusiast in the family, or simply customise your own decor set to create the perfect gift for their personal style. To get started include a book of Kelly Wearstler's decadent designs of residences and boutique hotels, the best selling carafe by Maison Balzac and a pillar candle by the OG - Australia's Black Blaze.

 1. Verso Table Vase, 2. Kelly Wearstler Design Book, 3. Orb Watering Can, 4. Lumbar Boucle Cushion, 5. Ripple Champagne Saucers, 6. 2 Pompom Wine Glasses, 7. Curl Curl Candle, 8. Balance Candle Holder, 9. J'ai Soif Carafe & Glass, 10. Ceramic Centrepiece, 11. Still Teapot

Shop the Design Devotee Collection

For the no.1 host.
We have a fantastic selection of cocktails, wine, cookbooks and dining ware. Perfect for mini gifts or large elaborate sets for a loved one. Celebrate a successful year or the holiday cheer with a classic gift.

Get your custom set started with a mini speaker, hand-sewn cocktail napkin, an olive Martini cocktail of 3 standard drinks and a Maison Balzac olive martini glass. Or simply create a gift with any of our beautiful Ferm Living glassware, the perfect accompaniment for a "negroni sbagliato with prosecco in it," stunning!

1. Le Soliste Soap, 2. Eucalyptus Gimlet, 3. L'Escargot Scented Candle, 4. Supper Club Incense, 5. Fein Bottle Opener, 6. Ripple Wine Glasses, 7. A House Party in Tuscany, 8. Heirloom Playing Cards, 9. Mino Bluetooth Speaker 10. Scallop Platter

Shop the Expert Entertainer Collection

As skincare enthusiasts ourselves, we have curated an excellent selection of Australian and global skincare products and accessories suitable for most skin types. From body products, hair care, facial tools or masks, include a beauty product in a more typically feminine set for your colleagues, friends or family.

Shop our pre curated selection of gift sets or customise the perfect set. Get started with some of our most popular beauty products including a Basecamp comb, a SSAINT gender neutral fragrance, Baina hand towel, sheet mask and The Modern Guide to Skin Health by skincare expert Melanie Grant.

1. Crescent Comb, 2. Holiday with Evi O’ Two Hands, 3. Velvet Eyeshadow, 4. Green Genes Hydrating Face Cream, 5. Smoothing Brush, 6. Eye Masks Set of 5, 7. Dew Tint, 8. Bioactive Mask, 9. MET Surrealist Polish Set

Shop the Beauty Buff Collection

 Our most popular product category for our anxious queens and bath-time lovers. Shop our selection relaxation sets or create your own with some of these best-selling items. 

Get your ideal set started with a stone paper journal by Gracious Minds, a Fazeek oil burner, Bodha essential oils and a milk bath by Addition Studios. They'll be left calm and soft skinned and sweet smelling.

1. Smokeless Incense, 2. Bath Brew, 3. Linen Aromatherapy Eye Pillow, 4. Calm Ritual Diffuser Oil, 5. Cashmere Bed Socks, 6. Oil Burner, 7. Reflections Stone Paper Journal, 8. Essensual Vibe, 9. Stellar Silk Sleep Mask 

Shop the Connoisseur of Chill Collection

Create the perfect onboarding or office essentials gift set for your team or loved one. As experts in corporate gifting, particularly in tech and advertising, we've curated a great niche range of notebooks, pens, keep cups and  innovative tech products.

Whether it's an onboarding kit for a new team member or a luxury organisational gift set in your preferred colour palette. Create your own custom organisational gift with a notebook, list pad, pen, keep cup and tech accessory such as the Mino mini speaker.

1. Day Journal, 2. Leopard Reusable Coffee Cup, 3. Brass Rollerball Pen, 4. Wedding Planner, 5. Get Shit Done A6 Notebook, 6. Coffee Cup, 7. Another Weekly List Pad, 8. Leather Key Organiser

Shop the Organiser Obsessed Collection

Don't forget about the mini's in the family.
With items suitable for newborn's to toddlers and pregnant or new parents, our tried and tested range of chic clothes, toys, feeding accessories and skincare make a beautiful gift set when combined into a colour story. 

Use Stellar's formula of something to play with, something to cuddle, something for feeding, something for care and something for mum to create the perfect gift for the little one and new mum.

1. Splash Towel, 2. Ella Fitzgerald: Little People, Big Dreams, 3. Wooden Beauty Set, 4. Safari Bamboo Dinner Set, 5. Wheat Straw Sippy Cup, 6. Silicone Catch Bib, 7. Bamboo Short Sleeve Bodysuit, 8. Lunar Baby Blanket, 9. Boris Bear, 10. Eco Peace Teether, 11. Seahorse Music Mobile

Shop the Mini Collection

Beachy and playful gift sets have been an absolute winner over each Christmas period to celebrate the holiday season. Companies such as Chi Proximity ordering over 2000 sets for their staff worldwide to celebrate a successful year. Create a custom beach or vacation themed set for your team or family that will definitely put a spring in their step.

Shop our pre-designed holiday gifts or customise your own. Get started by including a holiday themed book, such as Places We Swim, a towel, sunscreen, drink or water bottle and tote bag. 

1. Poolside with Slim Aarons, 2. Regeneration Mist, 3. Holiday House Incense, 4. Sun JuJu, 5. Places We Swim, 6. Mother Sunscreen, 7. Summertime Necklace, 8. Vegan Dark Peppermint Creme Chocolate, 9. Medium Gobelets Set of 4, 10. Play Games Dominos

Shop the Summer Enthusiast Collection

For the Fashuuun enthusiasts in the family or office. Create a lovely gift filled with trending and staple accessories such as socks, jewellery, hair clips and slippers.

Shop a beauty and fashion gifts or create your own by including a hair clip or comb, such as our NEW Robey combs, a beautiful pair of cashmere socks or sporty anklets and a beaded necklace. Trust us they'll love it!

1. Anya Tortoise Checker Claw Clip, 2. Crossover Sheepy Slipper, 3. Robey Comb, 4. Hailey Checker Nude Tortoise Claw Clip, 5. SŚAINT Signature Parfum 6. Beaded Necklace, 7. Oxford Hoops, 8. Apple/Fitbit Watch Band

Shop the Fan of Fashion Collection

Health and wellness gifts are definitely some of our top sellers at Stellar, so we've built a high-quality range of gender neutral health, fitness and mental wellness products to create a thoughtful and suitable set for your team or health-nut friend or family member.

Combine a tea, journal, home fragrance and relaxation product together to create a simple and thoughtful gift or shop pre-designed wellness gift sets online today.

1. Awakening Diffuser Oil, 2. Girlfriend Socks, 3. Nourishing Plant Protein, 4. Bala Workout Bands, 5. GSD Fit Notebook, 6. Apple/Fitbit Watch Band, 7. Ceramic Ritual Oil Diffuser, 8. Bala Workout Bangles, 9. Surfers Manuka Honey, 10. Workout Sliders, 11. Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste, 12. Ribbed Sports Socks

Shop the Health & Wellness Collection

If you have a friend or family member that struggle with gifting send them to the experts!

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November 22, 2022 — Isobel Gration