In today's competitive corporate landscape, the role of employee appreciation and recognition has never been more crucial. When employees feel valued and acknowledged, they're not only happier but also more productive and committed to their roles. And there's no better way to express appreciation than through a thoughtfully curated gift.

Welcome to the world of Stellar Gifting, where we redefine corporate gifting and provide unique ways to make your employees feel valued. Here's a journey through some of our most exceptional employee gift ideas.


For the Work-Life Balance Advocates: A Moment Away

A proper work-life balance is vital for employees to recharge and maintain their productivity. Encourage your team members to take a well-deserved break with the A Moment Away Set. This luxurious collection helps create a tranquil, personal space where they can unwind and rejuvenate.

The Ritual Smokeless Incense in Calm by Bodha sets a relaxing atmosphere, while the Butter Caramel Pecan Vegan Chocolate Twin by Loco Love offers a delicious indulgence. Finally, the Green Genes Regenerate Face Cream by Gracious Minds gives their skin the pampering it deserves, symbolising your care for their wellbeing.


the A Moment Away employee gift set items arranged artfully


For the Adventure Enthusiasts: Places We Swim

Some employees have a strong sense of adventure and love exploring new places. The 'Places We Swim' Set is an ideal gift for those who love to get outdoors, inspiring them to venture into the great outdoors make the most of some of Australia’s best swimming spots. 

Places We Swim is one of our best-selling gifts, and it’s easy to see why: The Places We Swim Book by Caroline Clements & Dillon Seitchik-Reardon provides a wealth of enticing locations to discover, and makes a beautiful coffee table to put on display or flick through when planning the next adventure.

The Hamam Turkish Towel by Stellar Gifting is a practical yet stylish companion for these outdoor trips. Also included is the SPF30 Natural Sunscreen by Solèr for protection and the Seaweed Candle in White by Black Blaze to recreate the refreshing scent of the sea at home.


The places we swim emploee gift set arranged artfully

For the Home Chefs: Dinner Soiree

Many of us have rediscovered the joy of cooking during the pandemic. For employees who enjoy preparing a feast for their loved ones, the 'Dinner Soiree' Set is an absolute must. This set aims to enhance their culinary experience and inspire them to create and host fun dinner parties.

The Scallop Platter by Maison Balzac doubles as a poetic centrepiece, and the Bitter Honey Book by Letitia Clark fuels their culinary creativity. To round it off, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Golden Groves is the perfect accompaniment for any Italian or Mediterranean feast.


the dinner soiree employee gift set arranged artfully, with a hand pouring the olive oil

For the Workaholics: Staycation

All work and no play can take a toll on even the most dedicated employees. Encourage them to indulge in a little 'me' time with the 'Staycation' Set. This collection is perfect for a relaxing weekend staycation.

The Bath Brew in Milk Bath by Addition Studios transforms an ordinary bath into a relaxing spa experience. The Serenity Tea by Mayde Tea provides a calming brew, and the Seaweed Candle in Pink by Black Blaze adds some coastal air to the home (or office). To complete the set, the Anya Tortoise Checker Claw Clip by Stellar Gifting adds a touch of style to their staycation ensemble.


The value of gifting goes beyond the physical products; it's about the message it conveys. Stellar is here to help you show your employees they're not just part of an organisation, but a valued part of your work family. So go ahead, express your appreciation with Stellar Gifting.

Still haven't found the exact gift set you're looking for in our lineup? No problem at all. At Stellar Gifting, we believe in the beauty of personalisation. With our Create A Gift Set option, you're free to customise a gift box that's meticulously designed to match the recipient's tastes and interests. So why not take the reins of creativity into your own hands?

Click here to begin crafting your personalised gift set, and let's make your gifting experience one to be remembered for years to come.

July 07, 2023 — Isobel Gration