Real estate isn’t just about buying and selling properties - it's about creating connections, crafting experiences, and most importantly, turning houses into homes. After all, isn't the joy of settling into a new space the most exciting part of moving house?

That's where Stellar Gifting comes in, bringing thoughtfully curated settlement gifts that are sure to make your clients feel right at home from day one.

But what makes a good settlement gift? It needs to be personal, practical, and reflect the joyous occasion of new beginnings. Let's explore some stellar settlement gift ideas to wow your clients and elevate their move-in experience.


Settlement Gifts For The Social Butterflies: Summer Picnic

Do your clients love to entertain, host brunches, or throw impromptu garden parties? Then, the Summer Picnic Set is a delightful way to celebrate their new home. This set provides all the essentials for a memorable outdoor get-together, making it the perfect addition to their entertaining arsenal.

This set includes Stemm Silicone Wine Glasses by Porter Green, which are not only chic but also unbreakable (an absolute must for any outdoor event). The Midi Cool Base Insulated Bag by Base Supply keeps their drinks and nibbles cool, while the Wild Rose Ganache by Loco Love offers a sweet treat for the taste buds. And to set the mood, the Mino Speaker by Lexon delivers crystal clear sound, turning their garden into a party hub.


summer picnice settlement gift items arranged artfully


Settlement Gifts For The Gourmet Chefs: Dinner Soiree

If your clients fancy themselves as gourmet chefs or food connoisseurs, the Dinner Soiree Set makes for an excellent gift. This set is all about elevating their culinary endeavours and inspiring them to create and share delicious meals in their new home.

The Scallop Platter by Maison Balzac is sustainably made from bamboo and doubles as a delightful centrepiece for their dining table, while the Bitter Honey Book by Letitia Clark provides a collection of mouth-watering recipes and is sure to inspire their culinary creativity. To round it off, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Golden Groves offers a rich and robust flavour, perfect for a multitude of dishes.


dinner soiree settlement gift items arranged artfully

Settlement Gifts For The Spa Lovers: Staycation

We all know someone who enjoys a pampering session at home. If your clients are fans of a good staycation and love the idea of transforming their bathroom into a private spa, the Staycation Set is a fitting choice.

The Bath Brew in Milk Bath by Addition Studios turns a simple bath into an indulgent spa experience. The Serenity Tea by Mayde Tea is the perfect companion for a relaxing soak, and the Seaweed Candle in Pink by Black Blaze brings the coast into their home. The set is completed with the stylish Anya Tortoise Checker Claw Clip by Stellar Gifting, keeping their hair tidy during their at-home spa session.


staycation settlement gift items arranged artfully

Settlement Gifts For The Tea Lovers: Tea Trio

For clients who appreciate the art of tea brewing and cherish the ritual of tea-time, the 'Tea Trio' Set is a fantastic settlement gift. This gift box celebrates the simple pleasure of a well-brewed cup of tea, perfect for those quiet moments in their new home.

The Nutty Ones Chocolate Box by Loco Love, filled with a variety of vegan delights, complements their tea-time rituals. The Serenity Tea by Mayde Tea offers a calming brew, and the 8oz Cup & Lid in Natural by HuskeeCup adds a sustainable touch to their tea sessions.


tea trio settlement gift items arranged artfully

A well-chosen settlement gift can leave a lasting impression on your clients and foster a strong and enduring relationship. Stellar Gifting's carefully curated and personalised gift boxes offer a unique way to show your clients that you genuinely care about their comfort and happiness in their new home. Remember, it's not just about the property - it's about creating memories, one Stellar gift at a time.

Still haven't found the exact gift set you're looking for in our lineup? No problem at all. At Stellar Gifting, we believe in the beauty of personalisation. With our Create A Gift Set option, you're free to customise a gift box that's carefully designed to match the recipient's tastes and interests. So why not take the reins of creativity into your own hands?

Click here to begin crafting your personalised gift set, and let's make your gifting experience truly remarkable.

July 07, 2023 — Isobel Gration