There are many factors that can interrupt or affect you from having a quality nights sleep. Firstly, it can be very difficult to switch off your mind from the daily stresses you may be experiencing: from work deadlines to family responsibilities. Secondly, your sleep might be interfered with regularly: by conflicting sleep schedules with your partner, or even the busy street just outside your bedroom window. There are many factors that are beyond your control, but their are many habits you can adopt to improve your quality of sleep and at Stellar we need a good 8 hours to juggle our busy schedules. So here are top tips to improving your sleep and some tried and tested products that help us to wind down at the end of the day.

1. Create a sleep schedule

It's important to create a sleep/wake schedule for your body and your mind. Going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time, even on the weekends (if you can) is an excellent way to get into a healthy sleep routine. One way we create a stellar routine is by staying organised: if you're studying or at work the Focus Pad is a game-changer for structuring your day and priorities. Make sure you spend at least 8 hours in bed to ensure 7-9 hours of sleep. 

2. Get screen time out of the way

Screen time is important, we get it, but unfortunately we often make time for it around bed time, especially if you work 9-5 or have children. You really need to try to get it out of the way as early as possible, for me this is in the bath. It's proven that blue light acts as a stimulant to keep you awake and alert, and even if your devices adjust to a warm light, chances are that if you're scrolling on social media, whatever is coming across your screen is stimulating enough that it will keep you awake. We understand the need for a distraction at the end of the day to calm your mind and forget your daily stresses, so reading a book is great compromise. We love the Shameless media book club for fantastic recommendations, and we stock a few great titles from renowned author Rupi Kaur that we recommend to pretty much everyone. 


3. Avoid stimulants before bed

By 'avoid stimulants' we are now talking about the ones you ingest. Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are proven to interfere with sleep as they take a few hours to wear off. Substituting caffeinated beverages in the evening with a calming tea such as Serenity by Mayde tea will help you wind down rather than perk you up before bed. Also don't eat too much or too little a couple of hours before bed, as going to sleep hungry or stuffed can make you uncomfortable and restless.

4. Create a calming environment

Now this is where we thrive. Create a sensory experience to calm the nerves and make you relaxed and sleepy. Have a bath with magnesium salts such as the Forest Bathing Soothing Bath Soak by Gracious Minds. Light some Bodha Calming Incense or pop on your diffuser (we love the Ritual Oil Diffuser by Bodha)  with some Dream diffuser oil, this will really set the mood. If you love a candle while you relax with a book, the Le Sable scented candle is perfect for a soothing night-time environment. 

5. Manage your stresses to the best of your ability

Try to manage your anxieties before you go to bed. Being organised throughout the day will help with this, creating a schedule and to-do lists will help you stay on top of things and feel in control. However, if you still feel stressed before bed journalling is a fantastic way to get your thoughts on paper and have them ready to tackle the following day. The Night Journal and Rituals and Wellness Journal by Wilde House Paper are two great options that offer you prompts if you are new to journalling. Now, you either love it or it's just not for you... but meditation is a fantastic way to calm the mind. If you meditate while lying down the Bodha Eye Pillow is an absolute delight to add to the relaxing experience.

6. Include physical exercise in your daily routine

By physical exercise this doesn't mean you must immediately join a boujy gym or start going to HIIT classes, even a walk around the neighbourhood or 20 minute pilates session in the comfort of your home will help promote better sleep. Cult brand Bala have some fantastic products to elevate your walk or at home workout including the Workout Bangles and Bands, you can even wear these while your cleaning the house or cooking dinner.

7. Love your bed!

Finally love your bedroom! Create a space that you enjoy and a bed that you look forward to climbing into at the end of the day. Loving your space will motivate you to be in it. Make your bed everyday, have clean and fresh sheets on, a lovely silk pillow case and eye mask to look forward to laying down with. Spray the bed with a linen spray like the Quiescent Linen Spray by The Seeke and drift away relaxed and content.  

Image by Tamsin Johnson @TamsinJohnson

June 21, 2022 — Isobel Gration