Whether you're manoeuvring the maze of cubicles in a bustling office, savouring the quiet solitude of your home workspace, or catching a quick break in a bustling cafe before your next meeting, your workspace is undeniably an integral part of your work experience.

The tools we surround ourselves with can not only help boost our productivity but also reflect our personality, and finding the right balance between functionality and aesthetics is key. 

Regardless of your preferred work environment - the traditional office, the comfort of your own home, or on the move - there's a curation of office essentials that can cater to your unique needs.

So, here's our selection of the top five Stellar Gifting office essentials, each thoughtfully selected for the Office Pro, the WFH Warrior, and the Hybrid Hero, tailored to enhance your work style and amplify your workspace.

The Office Pro

This person thrives in a traditional office environment, and enjoys the structure and camaraderie that an office setting provides. Or their HR department is just a firm no on WFH.

Either way, for the Office Pro, office essentials need to blend utility and style, matching their professionalism while adding a dash of personal flair and, perhaps, inciting a smidge of conference room envy.


  • Brass Rollerball Pen by Stellar: Essential for making a solid impression during meetings, the brass rollerball pen is elegant and reliable, and its smooth writing adds grace to your notes and conveys an air of professionalism. Who cares if you’re just jotting down groceries or sketching Steve from Accounting’s face - you look great.


  • Zodiac Notebook by An Organised Life: Keep the workday interesting with a hint of the celestial. Use this notebook for everything from meeting notes to brainstorming sessions, all while showcasing a bit of your personality.


  • Weekly Desk Pad by MiGoals: As an office pro, your weeks are filled with tasks. And things. And stuff. Keep them all organised and in view with this stylish yet functional weekly desk pad.


  • Leather Key Organiser by Orbitkey: Keys to the office, the supply cabinet, the coffee cupboard, and the fancy snacks they reserve for clients? Keep them all neatly in order with this smart and sleek key organiser.


  • Reflections Stone Paper Journal by Gracious Minds: Your in-office sanctuary for ideas, notes, and reflections. The unique stone paper texture makes note-taking a delight, adding a touch of luxury (and sustainability smugness) to your office routine.

 Reflections Stone Paper

The WFH Warrior

This individual relishes the comfort and flexibility of working from home, and they've mastered the art of balancing work and life within the same space. Or everything’s a mess and they’re juggling kids, laundry, meals, and a laptop scattered with breadcrumbs.

Regardless, their office essentials are a mix of functionality and inspiration, providing them with the organisation they need while adding touches that keep them motivated and balanced. Or just sane.


  • Get Shit Done A6 Notebook by MiGoals: Maintain your motivation while working from home with this cheeky yet inspiring notebook. It's a charming reminder to stay productive and balance work-life responsibilities. 

Get Shit Done Notebooks


  • Mino Bluetooth Speaker by Lexon: Turn your living room into a lively workspace with this compact, stylish speaker. Break the silence, pump up your motivation, or create a relaxed atmosphere with your favourite tunes. Just remember to switch to headphones when you jump on a Zoom call, or Steve from Accounting’s voice will probably give you a heart attack.


  • Day Planner by Wilde House Paper: Keep your workday organised and balanced with this aesthetically pleasing planner. It's a WFH essential that ensures your to-do list is fun, achievable, and never overwhelming. We’re obviously joking, but it’s a really nice planner.


  • Pocket Multi-Tool With Flash Light by Wild & Wolf: Working from home often means playing multiple roles. This multi-tool keeps you ready for quick fixes around your home office space without missing a beat, and the LED flashlight will make sure you never lose your way during blackouts. Unless you lose the Multi-Tool, in which case…good luck.


  • Dreamer Blank Notebook by An Organised Life: Dream, brainstorm, sketch, note - this notebook is your WFH buddy ready to capture your ideas in their raw, creative stage. Or ready for one of the kids to thieve and cover with crayon, a half-chewed biscuit, and the unfinished juice they had a meltdown to acquire.


The Hybrid Hero

Always on the move, this professional appreciates the fluidity of a mobile workstyle. Whether they're jet-setting for business, working from a local cafe, or racing into the office for a meeting they thought was via Zoom, the Hybrid Hero’s office essentials need to be versatile, compact, and ready to adapt to various work environments.

These essentials are their on-the-go toolkit, helping them stay efficient wherever they set up their workspace.


  • Leather Key Organiser Multi-Tool by Orbitkey: This isn’t just a key organiser, it’s a Swiss army knife for the modern worker. Keep your keys and essential tools compact and within reach, no matter where work takes you. Except for on planes - probably check this one in with your bags.


  • Get In Formation Notebook by Stellar: Take your notes on the road with this durable and stylish notebook. It's compact, easy to carry, and ready to capture your best ideas whenever inspiration (or that second double-shot latte) strikes.


  • Quilted Passport Holder by Love Stories: Perfect for the travelling professional, this passport holder adds style to function, making it a classy companion for your journeys, and the quilted cover can remind you of the sleep that you so dearly miss.


  • GSD Fit Notebook by MiGoals: Track your fitness goals alongside your work achievements. After all, a healthy body promotes a healthy mind, and both are vital when you're always on the move.


  • Focus Pad by MiGoals: This pad helps you maintain your focus amidst the bustle of travel or coworking spaces, and its A4 size means it will fit in your laptop bag. Define your tasks, set priorities, and get stuff done, no matter where you are.


Office essentials are about more than function - they're an extension of our work style, enhancing productivity while adding a touch of personal flair. Whatever your work environment looks like, there are tools designed to make your workday smoother, more productive, and more fun. Whether you're the Office Pro, WFH Warrior, or Hybrid Hero, each workspace comes with its unique requirements and calls for a carefully curated set of office essentials. 


But beyond their practical application, these items hold a deeper significance - they’re a reflection of our individual tastes, and in many ways, an extension of our personalities. They serve as our silent companions, supporting us through the daily grind, facilitating our creativity, and instilling a sense of comfort and familiarity wherever we choose to work.


While a beautifully embossed notebook or an artistically crafted pen might seem like just another item on your desk, their value extends far beyond their physical form. These items can spark joy, inspire creativity, and subtly transform your work experience. In a world where work often demands so much of our time and energy, these little pleasures can make all the difference.


Can’t find the perfect gear? Check out our entire Office and Orginisation stash for limitless productivity. At the end of the day, the perfect workspace is not just about having the right tools; it's about creating an environment that nurtures your productivity, fuels your creativity, and simply,

June 09, 2023 — Isobel Gration