The joy of the housewarming - a tradition as old as the concept of home itself. It’s that special time when you walk into your friends' new digs and start analysing (or critiquing) their decor decisions while panicking that your Live Laugh Love wall art was a bad idea. Hint: It probably was.

But fear not - if you’re suddenly faced with the eternal question of what on Earth to gift, we’ve got you covered with pieces that are so on point, they'll make you want to move houses too!

We've sorted these gems not by price or room suitability, but by the type of friend you’re buying for. From the 'less is more' minimalists to the 'less is a bore' boujee lifestyle chasers, and the responsible eco-conscious mates to the lovers of all things fun.

So let's pop the champagne and toast to a future of amazing house parties in their fabulous new home, all while you sit back and bathe in the glory of your perfect gift-giving skills.

For The Minimalists

Though they’re becoming harder to spot with the rising cost of living (who can afford furniture these days?) you likely know the type:

Their home resembles an art gallery more than a living space, where even a single misplaced coaster can disrupt the zen, and their idea of a wild night is rearranging their singular piece of furniture or descaling their fancy minimalist coffee machine.

Never fear, even for this aficionado of all things bare and simple, we've got you covered. No fuss, no clutter, just pure minimalist joy!

  • Feelin Boujee Gift Set: Minimalism isn’t just about owning less, it’s about really appreciating what you do have, making this set perfect for the minimalist who also likes to indulge in a bit of luxury. Fancy soap, zesty chocolate, and a Borosilicate tumbler and carafe set. What’s not to love?


  • Still Teapot: Drinking tea is pretty cool, and minimalism is pretty cool too. But you know what’s even cooler? A minimalist teapot, duh. Functional and elegant, this Ferm Living Still Teapot will seamlessly fit into any minimalist kitchen.


  • Mino Bluetooth Speaker: An essential in the modern age, this compact speaker delivers both form and function. Though it’s impressively sleek and designed around the core principles of minimalism, it doesn’t compromise on sound quality and bass.


  • Olive Grib Toolbox: Made from powder-coated metal, the gentle curves of this oval form are mirrored in the spherical handle, which rests comfortably in the palm when carried, making this the perfect storage solution for the tidy and organised minimalist home. The only thing that’s not minimalist about it is the words we use to describe it.

photo of olive grib toolbox on a kitchen bench


For The Boujee

This gear is for the ones who order cocktails all night long and have more gold leaf in their pantry than you have actual leaves in your garden, and the ones who treat every day like it's payday. Their homes look like they've been plucked straight from the pages of a luxury living magazine, and you're half convinced their toilet paper is made from Egyptian cotton. 
But don't worry, for these friends whose lifestyle is as sparkling as their crystal-encrusted cutlery, we've got housewarming gifts that will fit right in. Pro tip: It’s less about the cost with these types, and more about the obscurity of the brand.
  • Everything But The Flowers: For a truly indulgent treat, this gift set truly lives up to its popularity with smokeless incense, soy wax candle, KØBN hand towel, and a Marmoset Found vase. That’s vase with an ‘ah’, in case you’re wondering.


  • Vegan Lovers Box of Chocolates: This set is a dream for gift givers and a treat for artisanal chocolate enthusiasts. You’ll understand when you try them – Loco Love’s chocolates may just change your life.


photograph of Loco Love box of chocolates


  • Ripple Champagne Saucers: Beginning life as humble grains of sand, this high-quality glass has been delicately mouth-blown into a pair of vessels that will ferry the refreshment of the gods to your fancy friends’ lips. Yes, we’re just talking about champagne glasses but they’re fancy champagne glasses.


  • Pomponette Vase: Maison Balzac have reimagined the Pomponette vase in the clearest borosilicate glass and draped it in a cloak of jewel-toned bubbles. Don’t worry, your boujee friends will appreciate it. And for lasting kudos when you present this gift, make sure you’ve practised pronouncing the designer’s name.


For The Eco-Conscious

Championing a movement that we should all get behind, these friends can often be found composting in their kitchen, preaching about the benefits of worm farms, and knitting their own reusable grocery bags. Their homes are an ode to sustainability, and you wouldn't be surprised to find a tiny wind turbine in their backyard.

Fear not, these eco-friendly options are perfect for those who are as kind to the environment as they are to their guests.
  • Stainless Straw Set: Environmentally friendly, perfect for their morning smoothie or juice cleanse routine: ditch the single-use plastics and opt for this set of reusable straws with an included cleaner and carry pouch.


  • Edible Flowers: An eco-friendly gift that adds a touch of nature to meals and cocktails, with Pansy, African Marigold, and Crackerjack varieties.


  • Micro Greens: These little seeds are the ultimate eco-friendly gift, perfect for city dwellers and country settlers alike. They also claim to grow the best-tasting kale around, just in case anyone was wondering.


  • Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glasses: Durable, reusable, and eco-friendly, these Stemm glasses are a great alternative to disposable ones, and their soft palette will have them feeling right at home in the home, courtyard, or out at a picnic.


silicon wine glasses on a table with plants around them


For The Fun

Finally, we have the life of the party. These friends are the ones who turn a quiet night in into a full-blown fiesta faster than you can say "housewarming." Their homes are as vibrant and lively as they are, with quirky (often questionable) knick-knacks in every corner.

To help them celebrate their new digs, we've got some entertaining gifts that will guarantee their home is the go-to spot for having or planning good times.

  • Places We Swim Gift Set: Perfect for those who like to get out and explore, this gift set includes a guidebook to Australia’s best swimming spots, a Hanam Turkish towel, natural sunscreen, and a Luxe Seaweed Candle.


 Places We Swim Gift Set


  • Park Picnic Puzzle: Okay, we know what you’re thinking, but hear us out: Not only are puzzles a fun and relaxing way to spend some time at home, but the gorgeous photography in this set from Lettuce would also make some bright wall art to liven up any space once it’s been completed.


  • Bloom Heirloom Playing Cards: A nod to tradition with modern consideration, these cards are made with a luxury finish designed to facilitate spirited games filled with laughter (or swear words), and the creation of bonds (or rivalries) that last a lifetime.


  • Cocktail Trio Set: If you’re still balking at the idea of a puzzle being fun, liven things up with this set of all the Maybe Sammy cocktails; a Chamomile Martini, Jasmine Negroni and Eucalyptus Gimlet. Complete with a beautiful forest green gift box with gold foil detailing, this set is guaranteed to make any evening or activity a little more lively.

    There you have it - Stellar Gifting's ultimate housewarming gift guide for every type of homeowner. Say goodbye to generic wine bottles and potted plants, and hello to unique, curated gifts they'll actually love.
    Remember, no matter the type of friend you're buying for, let’s not forget the essence of gifting. It’s not about the price tag or the grandeur, but the thought and love that's wrapped within.
    Yes, even if your minimalist friend decides to store your carefully chosen gift in their minimalist closet, or if your boujee mate pairs your champagne saucers with their crystal decanter that costs as much as your first car.

    Giving a housewarming gift is all about adding to the warmth of their new home, supporting them in this new phase of their life, and reminding them that good friends (like you) are as essential to a home as comfy sofas and well-stocked fridges.

    So, whether your friend is moving into a penthouse or a cosy little apartment, these gift ideas will help transform their new house into a home.

    And if you can’t find the perfect gift for your perfect friends, try creating your own gift set for an even more personalised experience.

    June 09, 2023 — Isobel Gration