Welcoming a new baby is an extraordinary journey. From bringing them home for the first time to witnessing their first smile, every day is filled with incredible moments (and a good measure of chaos). But fear not, dear friends, for our Stellar Gifting Guide is here to take the guesswork out of finding the best gifts for new mums (and dads).

If you’re ready to gift your friend, family member, or significant other who recently entered the realm of parenthood, our carefully curated selection has something for everyone. From the ambitious go-getters to the trendy boho souls, from the glamour queens to the super dads, we’ve got you covered!
These are the best gifts for new mums, but if you’re chasing the best gift ideas for a baby shower, we’ve got you covered with this list of Our Top 5 Picks for Baby Boys, Girls and Surprises.

The Go-Getter Mum

These mums are taking on the world one nappy change at a time! Juggling work, baby, and a mountain of responsibilities, they epitomise the phrase "doing it all." Their gifts need to be practical, beautiful, and preferably caffeinated.


  • Beige Babe Gift Set: This gift set comes with a White Corduroy Miffy Soft Toy and Organic Kimono Bodysuit for baby and a beautiful Mother + Baby Skincare Gift Set by Being. Ideal for the new mums!


The Boho Mum

She’s the free-spirited mum, embracing motherhood with grace and a touch of her unique style. Her home is a serene sanctuary filled with natural elements, macrame hangings, and an endless supply of love.

  • Sleep On It Gift Set: Give the gift of a good sleep with the Sleep On It Gift Set, complete with Silk Eye Mask, Mayde Tea Blend, Loco Love chocolate, and essential oils so she can slip off into a deeply restful and restorative slumber.


The Glam Mum

She’s glamorous, she's fabulous, and the ‘Gram loves her content almost as much as her own grandmother does. These luxe gifts are chosen to keep her home and her mood as fabulous as she is.


  • Dinner Soiree Gift Set: She’ll be in her element with this perfect set, elevating her dishes with Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Golden Groves, and whipping up masterpieces with her new favourite recipe book Bitter Honey by Letitia Clark. The cherry on top? Her latest creation can be enjoyed on her new platter by Maison Balzac.


Dinner Soiree Gift Set

  • Feelin Boujee Gift Set: This gift set provides the feeling of indulgence to leave Mum feeling more like herself. This set includes a J'ai Soif Carafe in Amber by Maison Balzac, Soap in La Déesse by Orris and Orange & Hazelnut 70% Cacao Chocolate Bar by Bahen & Co. Mum will feel good as new.

For the New Dads

He may not be the one with the growing belly (or maybe he is, we won’t judge), but our soon-to-be dad is in for his own world of change. From mastering the art of diaper changes to becoming the king of lullabies, the new dad deserves to be celebrated too!


  • Cocktail Trio Gift Set: Though he won't be out partying with a new bub at home, this Maybe Sammy set is a thoughtful way to celebrate with a taste of some high-quality cocktails.

In the end, every parent's journey is unique and full of countless moments of joy, discovery, challenges, and triumphs. It is a road that is not always smooth, but it is certainly rewarding. The best gifts for new mums and dads will encapsulate these feelings and provide not just utility, but also an expression of our love and support during this monumental life stage.


If you can’t find the perfect gift among our suggestions, remember that the thought, care, and understanding you put into your choice is the real gift. You might even consider creating your own gift set for an even more personalised experience. Your chosen gift will surely resonate with them if it aligns with their needs and preferences.


Moreover, your presence and emotional support will undoubtedly be the most significant gift of all. Engaging with them in their new journey, listening to their stories, offering help, or even a quiet, understanding nod of encouragement can mean the world to them.


Remember, these are just ideas, and the best guide to buying the perfect gift is your relationship and your knowledge of their personality. Trust your instincts, and you're sure to select a gift that will bring a smile to their face.


From tiny moments of joy to significant milestones, every step in this incredible journey called parenthood is a celebration. So, whether you're an expectant parent, a new parent, a friend, or a family member, cherish these moments, and happy gifting!


June 09, 2023 — Isobel Gration