Whether it's Fathers Day, Christmas or a birthday it can be tricky to find a unique gift for him/them that isn't boring and repetitive. However! Here at Stellar we have a great solution to modernise and personalise a classically gendered gift "for him" - Create a custom gift set! No matter what your budget we've got an expansive range of products to curate the perfect gift. So let's take you through some top products form each category.

The Board Game Enthusiast


We have a classic collection of board games and contemporary puzzles perfect for the game enthusiast, including chess, playing cards, Yatzy and a 1000-piece Park Picnic. Our modern games are great for travel and will look clean and sophisticated on your shelf.

The Booze Hound

Cocktails, wine and spritzers are abundant at Stellar, from a Negroni Spritz, Gin and tonic, Cocktail box set or bottle of shiraz grenache. Add his favourite drink to your cart a long with some glassware and chocolate for a wonderfully considered gift.

The Homemaker

We have a range of homewares that could be considered more classically masculine for him. From glass carafes, crystal tumblers or cookbooks there is a stellar selection of glassware, kitchen and dining accessories to include in your custom gift set.

The Tech Guy

For the wizards that love computers and modern, high-tech gadgets. We've got multitools, Orbitkey and portable speakers. Best-selling gifts that most dads and techies seem to love. 

Skin and Body for Him/Them

We can't forget about skincare and bathroom accessories! From sunscreen and Razor accessories to beard oil, we have an extensive range of mens products perfect to include in a customised set based on his specific needs.

Chocolate Lovers

Then to top off your perfectly curated gift don't forget our range of Loco Love and Bahen & Co. chocolates. 


August 25, 2022 — Isobel Gration