When it comes to wellness the U.S has Gwyneth Paltrow and in Australia we've got Elle Macpherson, the poster child for glowing skin, healthy habits and graceful ageing. Elle's radiance and dedication to healthy practices has donned her queen of the wellness community. Her established cult brand WelleCo a daily must-have for skin and gut health enthusiasts in their late 20's and 30's. Because of Macpherson's established position in the industry, fashion and women's health magazines have repeatedly interviewed her to communicate ways to their readers of how they can implement accessible elements of Elle's lifestyle into their day-to-day. Her skincare and daily routine have been closely examined, so we thought we'd do some digging on behalf of the Stellar community and find her top tips, to create a fabulous routine that will promote the most radiant you. 

According to Elle, a great morning starts with preparing the night before: yoga before bed and WelleCo's Sleep Welle calming tea to calm the body and mind will ensure at least 7 hours of quality sleep. 

Now for the blessed morning Routine:

Elle starts her day at 5am with a cup hot water and lemon to kick start her metabolism, adding a dash of cayenne pepper if she needs a boost.

She opts for meditation over a workout and resists looking at screens to feel more balanced and connected for the day ahead.

She'll then set intentions for the day ahead before dry brushing her body toe to top, followed by a hot then cold shower.

Of course this is followed by the Welle Co Super Elixir greens to provide her body with all the nutrients it needs for the day.

Then Elle will get some sunshine, fresh air and exercise with an outdoor activity every morning. 

As for the evening routine:

Elle opts for white linen sheets. She'll spritz her room and prepare a pot of calming tea to help with anxiety and sleep issues.

Elle is a strong advocate of journalling every night (or trying to): She'll make a list of things that have inspired her or made her laugh. 

If she's feeling a bit wired she'll do her go to yoga pose to unwind - "I lie on the bed with my legs up against a wall for at least 10 minutes – always in the privacy of my bedroom, of course."

On Elle's bedside table she keeps 500ml of room temperature water, her go-to eye cream and books. 

So there you have it, a simple and somewhat achievable morning and evening routine to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. If you would like to replicate elements of Elle's routine below are some fantastic products that we recommend for meditation, relaxation, journalling and overall health. Combine products for you or a friends to create a beautiful gift set for a little extra help and kickstarting a healthier daily routine.
October 06, 2022 — Danielle Sexton