"An expression of pure imagination through the creation of novel objects and scented worlds..."

With their beautiful and inventive decorative objects, we have been huge fans of Sydney brand - Maison Balzac's (Maison) jewel-toned glassware since its emergence in 2012. Globally stocked at esteemed boutiques and department stores worldwide, their unique and contemporary tableware and fragrances have become go-to gifts for all genders and age groups since the brand's inception.

Maison has become a household name for middle - upper-middle-class Australians particularly for their cult favourite collection of perfumed candles, “PARFUM D'IDEES,” developed as a sensory response to art, nature, time, place and emotion. Working with artisans and perfumers across the globe in Japan, Australia France and China, their ritual selection of fragrances easily compete with the likes of Diptyque at a much more affordable price point. Their milk white, glass candles donned with a timeless and bold typeface look stunning on your bedside, dining table, or shelf, each fragrance developed to evoke a fond memory. Each discernible scent is a perfect balance of uniqueness and luxury in profile, but somewhat recognisable for most to evoke feelings of nostalgia.

Along with their candles, we've selected a range of Maison products that (at Stellar) we consider must-have unconventional objects for your home. The J'ai Soif Carafe and Glass is another original Maison piece that makes the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. Place this traditional, handmade carafe set atop your bedside table, dining table or desk to add an otherwise unattainable level of sophistication to any space. The range of bold neutrals and colours means you can match it to most objects and colour stories. For dining and dinner parties add a matching or mildly contrasting set of goblets to your collection for the entire group to enjoy.

To perfect your tableware design we must mention the Petite Pauline candle holder and Chandelle unscented, stem candles, designed to bring joyful spontaneity to your home décor. These beautiful tri-coloured candle holders are handmade and can be beautifully matched with our range of modern, long-stemmed candles.

Although we do not stock the collection, we cannot talk about Maison without mentioning their bouger into furniture. We knew Maison was the pioneer of their product categories but this collection of stools and chairs brought to you by French company Moustache, and designed by Big-Game is truly a testament to the brand's creativity and development. The tubular, bent seats, made in Norway are nothing short of iconic. Designed in a range of bold colours, with removable textiles covers, each design reflects the realism and attention that Big-Game bring to industrial processes.
August 30, 2022 — Isobel Gration