In the corporate world, solid relationships are integral to success. Whether it’s between you and your clients or with your indispensable employees, nurturing these relationships often requires more than just words. It requires actions that genuinely reflect your appreciation and respect for their contributions. Finding unique or personalised corporate gifts is no easy task.

At Stellar Gifting, we understand this and have created a unique corporate gifting experience designed to nurture these vital bonds. Whether it's your first time corporate gifting or you are just trying to avoid giving another item that no one wants that ends up rotting in the back of the cupboard - we have you covered. More than just a corporate gift, a Stellar Gifting experience is a declaration of the value you place on these relationships. It’s an expression of gratitude and appreciation that extends beyond the generic, offering a personalised experience that truly resonates. Read on to discover our unique corporate gift ideas that will help make any client or employee feel valued.

The Importance of Corporate Gifting

But first of all, just why should you invest in corporate gifting? Corporate gifts are an essential aspect of any business strategy. They serve as tangible tokens of appreciation, enhancing relationships and boosting morale. A well-chosen corporate gift can express value and respect, fostering stronger connections between employers, employees and clients. It’s no secret that humans like to feel appreciated. A strong team culture, or solid client relationships make processes stronger and help businesses to thrive. Corporate gifts can also enhance brand visibility and recognition. For example if a gift carries your company logo, it can serve as a constant reminder of your brand, subtly reinforcing your presence in the clients mind or boosting team morale for inhouse employee gifting. 

When to Give Corporate Gifts

So just when is it necessary for corporate gifting? Corporate gifts are appropriate in a variety of different scenarios, meaning you can use your creativity to determine when and where this is a good fit for your business. 


Recognising Employee Milestones

Be it a work anniversary or a significant achievement, a corporate gift can express your recognition and appreciation of an employee’s hard work. 

Celebrating business successes

Major deals, product launches, or exceeding targets - these are all occasions worth celebrating with a corporate gift. 

Client appreciation

Showing gratitude to your clients with a corporate gift can strengthen your business relationships and encourage ongoing collaboration. 

Seasonal giving

Holidays and end-of-year celebrations are traditional times to express gratitude and goodwill with corporate gifts.


Things to consider when shopping for a corporate gift

Personalise where possible 

Whether it's as simple as a handwritten note, some personalisation always takes a gift to the next level. As your goal is to make the recipient feel appreciated and value make the extra effort to add a personal touch to your corporate gift. 

Keep them in mind 

It can be easy to get carried away and end up with a gift that is not reflective of the recipient at all. Make sure to pick something that you know they will enjoy and that won’t find itself in the back of their desk drawer. 

Budget Accordingly 

When determining your gift selection it is important to have your budget set from the get go. This way you can ensure that you get the best gifts with the spend allocated. Employees are savvy to the quality and price of gifts, so make sure not to skimp out and potentially send the wrong message.


Corporate Gifting with Stellar 

We now know the importance of corporate gifting and some of the reasons you may choose to do so, but what exactly should the gift itself be? At Stellar we have a variety of corporate gift options to suit every situation and budget. 

Bespoke Corporate Gifts 

Our bespoke corporate gifts are designed to cater to your unique requirements. From cocktails and stationary to packaging, we can brand and tailor almost anything to meet your needs. Want to emboss your company logo or the recipient’s name on select items? Our customisation options allow you to add a personal touch, making your corporate gift truly one-of-a-kind and reinforcing brand recognition. 

Pre-Curated Corporate Gifts 

If you prefer a more streamlined approach, explore our range of pre-curated corporate gifts. Our online store offers a wide array of products such as food and stationery gift sets. These come pre-packaged and ready for your branding. We pay attention to the smallest details to ensure a seamless gifting experience for your clients or employees. 

Trusted Partnerships 

Our reputation for delivering exceptional corporate gifts is validated by our partnerships with esteemed brands such as Spotify and Pinterest. Trust us to help you make a lasting impact and show your appreciation in the most memorable way possible with our unique corporate gifts. 

Discover the Stellar Gifting Corporate Gifts collection today and elevate your professional relationships to new heights. Because at Stellar Gifting, we believe in the power of giving. And when it comes to corporate gifts, we don’t just give standard - we go Stellar. 



June 09, 2023 — Jasmine Mayhead