Choosing the perfect gift for a baby shower can be a joyful yet challenging task. You want it to be unique, aesthetic, and of course, practical for the journey that lies ahead for the soon-to-be parents. And you obviously want everyone to know that your gift was the best.

Our gifting guide offers a range of carefully curated baby essentials that exude comfort, charm, and practicality, making them the perfect baby shower gifts. Plus, everything in this list is made with the highest quality, so whatever you pick, it’ll stand the test of time.

Whether it's a boy, a girl, or a surprise, below is our list of gifts that will delight both baby and parents alike.

It's a Boy!

They’ve just got their Amazon delivery confirmation, and it’s coming from Mars. Prepare the space for the little gentleman who will soon make his grand entrance into the world. Hint: that means Mum and Dad locking away 90% of their possessions and wrapping everything else in bubble wrap. 

From dressing him up in the cosiest of outfits that he’ll do his best to ruin, to stocking his nursery with the softest of toys that are destined for a life of mud, crayon, and anything he can get his hands on - we’ve got you covered.

Buckle up for some of our favourite gifts for the baby boy:


  • Organic Knit Romper by Grown: For a little man-in-making, the River Knit Romper offers softness and flexibility, perfect for his early adventures. The organic knit means no harmful synthetics will reach baby boy’s skin, and the press studs will make endless nappy changes a breeze. Or just a little less annoying. 


  • Boris Bear Soft Toy by Miffy Plush: This plush bear is an adorable addition to any nursery. Soft and cuddly, it's ready for endless hours of playtime and napping. Plus, it’s safe to be washed, meaning it will last in the family for years, not minutes.


  • Organic Knit Baby Blanket by Grown: Providing cosy warmth, this organic knit blanket is just the comfort that a baby boy needs. Organic cotton is another big win, and being machine washable is pretty much a necessity at this point.


  • Wooden Age Blocks by Ferm Living: A minimalistic decoration that’s perfect for capturing Bub’s daily, monthly, and yearly milestones. Also doubles as a fun reminder of how long it’s been since Mum and Dad have had a full night’s sleep!



It's a Girl! 

Get ready for a shower of sweetness and smiles (and saliva with a little sass). A little angel is on her way, ready to melt hearts from day one. She might not be able to crawl the runway yet, but that doesn't mean she can't start her life in style.

From charming bloomers to inspiring story books, we've got everything to pamper your soon-to-be princess:

  • Organic Petal Knit Bloomers by Grown: These bloomers are a cute and practical addition to any baby girl's wardrobe, providing ample room for movement. Plus, they match perfectly with the Petal Pullover for twice the comfort and twice the cuteness.

  • Bunny Hooded Towel by Nature Baby: A fun and practical gift for bathtime, this hooded towel is extra-soft and absorbent, comes with a drawstring bag, and the bunny ears on the hood will make for the cutest baby photos around.

It's a Surprise!

Who doesn't love a good surprise? Whether it's a bundle of pink, a bundle of blue, or a handful of minimalistic beiges because Instagram is a thing and you’ve appointed yourself as the happy family’s (un)Official Aesthetics Coordinator, we're here to help you celebrate the unknown.

From soothing swaddles to cuddly toys, we've got the perfect gender-neutral gifts to delight both baby and parents:

  • Cream Miffy Soft Toy by Miffy Plush: A bunny that will quickly become their new best friend. Soft, snuggly and gender-neutral, it's perfect for any baby, which pretty much means it’s perfect for every baby. 

  • Eco Peace Teether by Lion + Lamb: This eco-friendly teether is a great relief for teething babies, and it’s made with Beechwood - a hard, solid timber that won’t splinter and is naturally antibacterial.


Bonus Round: Gifts For Mum

Let’s not forget the queen of the hour, the soon-to-be mum! We can't magically offer eight hours of uninterrupted sleep (we’d be far less tired ourselves, and probably rich). But we can certainly help soften the blow of those sleepless nights with some handpicked, luxurious items. From skincare indulgence to functional essentials, our gift selection will make her life a little easier and a lot more glamorous. So, let’s celebrate the new mum in style, because if anyone can rock a baby vomit-stained shirt at 3 am, it’s her.


Check out our gift guide for new mums, here.


Baby showers are celebrations of life, love, and the joy of new beginnings, and the gifts you give should reflect these emotions. Stellar Gifting offers a broad range of unique baby shower gifts that deliver comfort, practicality, and style. Whether the baby is a boy, a girl, or a delightful surprise, our selection will help you make the shower special for the parents-to-be. 


So why wait? Delight your loved ones with Stellar Gifting’s baby shower gift selection, and make the special occasion truly memorable.


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June 09, 2023 — Isobel Gration