A lot of us are still suffering from the anti-socials post Covid lockdown and are opting to spend many a night in rather than heading out. In 2022, particularly in Melbourne, you could say we've become professionals at entertaining ourselves at home, especially as winter hits. So, as a Melbourne based business who is better to recommend activities and treats to keep you happy and entertained at home?

Here is a step-by-step process to enjoy the perfect night in according to Stellar's marketing Manager and resident homebody - Dani.

1. It all starts with grooming! I like to get squeaky clean and do a facial at the end of each week - Start by running the bath and add in your favourite bath salts, mine is the Milk Bath by Addition Studio's. While the bath is running brew a nice herbal tea, I opt for the Australian Native by Mayde. Then clip your hair up high and cleanse your face. I like to pop on a clay mask before I soak and just wash it off with some running water while I'm in the bath. The Australian Native clay mask set by Addition is a beautiful face mask and excellent for my combination skin.

2. After about half an hour of listening to a podcast while I soak, I'll dry off and apply a a body oil as quickly as possible. I recently tried the Vitamin Sea Luminosity Night Oil and I think it's my new fave!

3. After I'm squeaky clean and in my PJ's I'll prep dinner. To be completely transparent this usually consists of me making a Marley Spoon meal for my partner and I or ordering UberEats... I am definitely not a chef. If I'm cooking I'll usually play some music on my Lexon Mino speaker that lives in kitchen. The Arthur Apparel playlists are super lovely and vibey.

4. It's time for a little drinky! While a set up camp in the lounge room to enjoy dinner and whatever terrible show we're currently binging I'll pour myself a beverage. The Gimlet by Maybe Sammy is my current Drink of choice - Tequila Mango, Eucalytus and grapefruit... trust me it's delicious. 

5. I love, love, love games so if it's a perfect night in we're opting for, we'll usually play something with our housemate while we watch a few episodes, or if it's a strategic game we'll pop back on the beats. Puzzle's are always great to do while you watch, or if it's just the 2 of us chess is a great option. 

6. I also like to create a warm atmosphere in the lounge room. I'll often set up the coffee table with a candle, light up the fire place and get some LocoLove chocolates out for a delicious but guilt free snack (so many perks to working at Stellar.) My candle of choice at the moment is the La Plage by Maison Balzac, so I'll usually have a couple of mini's on the coffee table. 

7. At the end of the night I often curl up in bed with my silk mask and pillow case, and have my Carafe full of water next to the bed. It's safe to say I'm a huge advocate for the products we stock at Stellar for helping to create an atmosphere and routine for a lovely night in.

So there you have it! A perfect night in from our marketing manager Dani. If you liked the sound of that example of a perfect night in or might know someone that will, use our create-a-box function to customise a perfect night in for you or a friend. We always recommend the best way to create a gift box is by imagining the step by step process of how the items can be used. 


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June 28, 2022 — Isobel Gration